E-Studio Charming Wood Cuckoo Clock


This charming cuckoo clock’s sure to attract the beholder’s attention for a longer while. The intricate designs and attention to detail’s something that’ll readily be noticed by the onlookers and will also receive many compliments from them. Not only does it display the time but also proves to be a priced possession for the owners. You’ll have to wind it once in 8 days. This cuckoo clock is handcrafted in wood and is made in Germany. E-studio offers this cuckoo clock which is an amalgamation of Chronos and Kairos that help you in understanding a small bit of the vast subject “Time.” Cronos is the measurable time yet it’s all that is unholdable and unreal. Kairos on the other hand is all the events time takes us through, unplanned, creative, pinned forever.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 18 x 7 x 28 in


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